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Also Humans

Nov 14, 2019

Newly married and making $800 a month in the minor leagues, Darrin Fletcher began to question the only thing he had ever known: baseball. After a miserable season, it was a seemingly chance encounter with the legendary Tommy Lasorda and Sandy Koufax that led Darrin to the big leagues and, eventually, to the All-Star Game.

After three years as a standout catcher for the University of Illinois, Darrin Fletcher was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers, launching a 16 year professional baseball career. Darrin spent time with the Dodgers, Phillies, and Blue Jays, but he may best be known for his 1994 All-Star season as a member of the Montreal Expos. Today, Fletcher is a member of the University of Illinois Athletics Hall of Fame, is retired, and lives with his family in Central Illinois.