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Also Humans

Jun 27, 2019

Growing up as an orphan in Zambia, Talia (Hayward) Melton had no money, no opportunity and—of course—no parents. Bi-racial and bullied, her early years were difficult at best. But times have changed. Talia has a beautiful family of her own, limitless opportunities and enough money to make breathtaking art out of it.

Talia Hayward is a Zambian born artist with an instantly recognizable style. Growing up as an orphan in a third world country had its challenges, including often being deprived of the basic means to create art. It’s ironic then that, today, Talia’s mosaics are literally made of money…containing extremely fine detail achieved through painstaking effort and thousands and thousands of coins. Talia also appeared on Big Brother Africa 7 and runs the non-profit Thankful Thinking with her husband Brett.