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Also Humans

Jun 13, 2019

As the guy in charge of mixing the soundtrack at professional sporting events, downtown clubs and corporate events, DJ Step has his fingers firmly on the pulse of today’s culture. He gets paid to be the life of the party but, for awhile, Step’s life was much more pity than it was party.

Thankfully, family and friends stepped up to pull the aspiring DJ through the lowest of lows, ultimately catapulting him to his dream gig…and to being named one of NPR’s “Five Chicago DJs to Watch in 2019.

From rocking mainstream clubs like Studio Paris in the heart of the Chicago to leading the music direction for the city’s professional soccer team, the Fire, DJ Step turned his love for creating mix tapes at 16-years-old into a full-time career. So much so that Step has been named by NPR to their list of Five Chicago DJs to watch in 2019.