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Also Humans

Mar 7, 2019

As a successful entrepreneur, an accomplished singer-songwriter, and impressive selfie-taker, Bridget Lyons is equal parts smart, talented, and beautiful. She truly has it all. But what her thriving businesses, sold-out shows, and portfolio-like Instagram feed don’t show you is that, as a teenager, Bridget lost it all too.

“We definitely didn’t grow up in a normal situation. No nuclear family or white picket fences. My mom is a drug-addict and convicted felon. I was 15 when my mom started leaving. Long story short, I ended up with custody of my younger sisters.

So much of wanting for them has shaped who I am as a person. They shaped my life in such an incredible way. Even just the desire to love them and support them and see them grow. And, really, that has made me grow.

It’s the moments that people have treated me like I was important…that’s what shaped my life.”

Bridget Lyons is a singer-songwriter who has headlined stages across the country, including at SXSW and Sundance. Her Americana sound has been called “swamp rock” and is heavily influenced by Blues, Southern Rock and R&B. Bridget is also a highly successful entrepreneur who has started and sold multiple businesses and currently runs a boutique pet hotel in downtown Chicago.